• R. E. Maynard

Consider Me Green

All hail the busy bees.

I am conscious of my surroundings and care about natural beauty in the communities. Nature has a natural way of drawing me into duties that appear much like physical labor. I find working in my yard and flowerbeds to be a source of relaxation. The tranquility of digging in the soil and growing some beautiful living and breathing things means a lot to a guy like me––environmentally friendly. I have mindful regard for those natural resources around my neighborhood and broader even. Our world is an incredible feat.

The time spent cleaning out my flowerbeds takes some dedication considering I live in Ohio. The four seasons affect the grounds where my flowers and plants return each year. Each Spring brings rain that nurtures new growth where hibernating perennials rested over the long winter months, and I get too excited to see the bulb sprout from the hardened ground. I love the growing season. Living with so many responsibilities that feel too obligatory, a warm and lightly breezy Saturday morning de-weeding flowerbeds can speak calmly to my soul.

Throwing in additional color with some annuals amongst the returning perennials can be the makeup on a pig. Taking a simple yard and shaping some arranged flowerbeds can add a personality to your person. I love Lillies most. I believe anything beautiful like Lillies can be a fragile state of nature. When these flowers come around mid-summer, I enjoy their loveliness. Our planet is a fragile––yet living being. To manicure Earth's surface is to beautify a world naturally present and even above those efforts we make. A field of wildflowers can lift my spirit to incredible heights as I walk among their ownership of the landscapes.

I am ready for Spring and Summer's influences. I need

the colorful imagery to expand my thoughts about a planet that deserves my care thereof labors made. To see through into my soulful existence as a human being, you will find the color green illuminating an aura energizing my presence here on Earth. Happy growing season!

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