About My Educational Life:


Reading has never come easy for me, nor was a career writing using grammar, punctuation, and English a simple journey for me to traverse. The journey that defines my life is a career defined by dedications to growth and natural talents. Learning to become an avid reader took much of my time as loss and gain equally lent to a growth mindset. Education reliably has a history of launching my ability to think critically of a world of potentials, and if not coursed correctly, I think the opportunities that define my career leave little basis for owning aspirations. In starting with an associate’s degree, I thought that the knowledge and practical use of tools common to such a career in multimedia would be suffice. 


Receiving my first creative job felt amazingly surreal, but I found gaps in my assets as a graphic design professional. To fashion a course of awareness that actively helped to succeed my past knowledge of communications, thereof, I experienced many mentors willing to offer me direction. In recalling a comment that one professor told me, he said, “Rely on your natural talent and quit school.” He explained a lot about his life as a creative person without degrees, and that his experiences were that organizations seeking talent want talented candidates over educated employees. This advice was the proof of a career highly rewarded with Emmys, while John Silva was a huge success working as a multimedia animator for WDTN Channel 2 News located in the Dayton, Ohio area. Nevertheless, I graduated with my degree and headed out into a tough job market inspired by this achievement. I quickly learned that organizations were not the talent seeking entities that John described from his humbled beginnings decades earlier.


Natural talent is a true gift, but even such gifts need fed innovation and knowledge to gain new perspective, and to become the type of professional sought by leading in the creative industries. Passion further led me to enroll later into a Bachelor of Arts degree at San Francisco Academy of Arts in California as an online student. I spent three years learning the illustrative, interactive, and animated techniques from many astounding figures who share in the desires to create. Once again during my years studying under new mentors, I found a common theme communicated back regarding my career choices. Many talented and successful illustrators told me repeatedly to pursue my weaknesses, rather than waste time trying to refine my natural talents.


Learning of these new opinions, went on to me rediscovering a basis for change in my professional life. A decision to rethink my educational goals led to a desire for adept communications in my daily use. Career advancement meant that I refined a practical use of grammar, punctuation, and syntax. I wanted to be a respected speaker with the necessary word use that peers would then appreciate collaborating during business projects with a communicator like me. My weakness appeared in that I needed to learn to write and speak at a level of respectable awareness.


Attending Antioch University Midwest led me to acquire a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and become a part of this network of writers, scholars, and thinkers. I graduated atop my class with new mentors and friends that have kept me inspired to publish my written works. I can see a lifetime of potentials ahead in my future, as I prove ever worthy of a life of professional dreams.


Happy Reading,







R. E. Maynard