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Seeing Pretty Well into 2020



The idea of going out partying in bars for New Year’s Eve is not really my social norm as a middle-aged guy. The music gets too loud and the crowds can feel a bit impersonal to a humble guy looking to enjoy moments of peace. My hearing has decreased over the last few decades. I can hear from a reasonable distance just fine, but if someone is an extremely soft-spoken individual from about fifteen feet away, my ears do not register the words or sometimes I only hear partially the comments offered. I try to be completely honest and ask people to repeat their comments a little louder. Nevertheless, I definitely need to have a hearing test this year to be sure that I do not miss a single communication offered in a conversation.


It has been a struggle in year 2019, because I had a tough time finding an honest person to initiate an eye exam without trying to sell me the world. For years, I have had a few pairs of glasses prescribed to me with progressive lens, and turns out that each pair while fashionable was a resource not necessary for my eyesight. I paid a lot of money for these expensive frames and lens, then I found an optometrist who performed an honest exam without greedily trying sell me anything but what I needed. I suffer from eye strain while working on a computer or when reading for long hours. I no stigmatisms and now have a pair of reading glasses that work nicely. Most importantly, I now can perform my duties as a professional or be the avid reader that I am, and no longer do I receive migraines from looking through lens that were a wrong diagnosis in the first place.


Surely, I recognize that my senses are these incredible resources that I need to care for in the new year. Getting older means that I have to frequent with doctors more often to ensure that my abilities to hear, see, or to even stay healthy remain attended to as necessary. The new year ­– 2020, I trust will have a many greater expectations for me to work harder. I know that I am a person who understands the effects of self-love and self-respect. I continue to learn about maintaining or improving my psyche while self-worth grows a better life around me daily. 


I have set new goals to accomplish in this new year, and as a writer transiting into better circumstances professionally–gratitude fuels my soul. I even trust that my heart will find a place to relearn love’s greater regards in a relationship anew. I deserve happiness. I can see pretty well into 2020, and as an empath owning emotions always felt most realistically, I love that what I imagine is a life worth of living wholeheartedly–this is a good year to grow my psyche well beyond yesteryear.

– R. E. Maynard


Lending a Means to an End, Means Love is Our Ultimate Reward



Lending to a friend or family member is a far greater means to end. We all need help in this life. My experience is that karma is the reward for an act of kindness. When I choose to help someone financially or in an act of wellbeing, I do not expect a pat on the back, a compensation equal or greater than the gift, and I surely have no expectation predetermined for a return for my efforts made. 


Someone important to me had a heart attack, another, and then another one in a span of a few years. He lost his career and then fell into a depression. The outcome of his spiral out of control was mostly his fault, but his employment disabilities ran out quickly. Even after dedicating his life to a career and an organization for decades, the system of loss failed to keep him secure and stable. Now I am not blaming the organization where this individual worked, because the company followed an organizational norm in trying to assist my brother’s transition with short and long-term disability. This insurance is at least something to be a temporary means to separate ties with an individual who has no capability to accommodate the position that they upheld previously.


In my obligation to this individual, I only owed this person dignity and the reinstatement of their self-love, self-respect, and to feel worth again. Lending to their financial need meant that they could go forth and pursue the health care necessary for regaining a livelihood in the future. We have a greater capacity to lend our hearts to one another than every imaginable. If we are to ensure humanity triumphs over the crushing realities that is life’s pitfalls, then I can only hope that compassion and empathy are the tools that lead us to our better lives.


Do what you think feels right, even if it challenges you to adjust your life’s comforts, because we all need others to lend a helping hand at one point or another. Love is a bountiful reward for giving to those people we love the most.

– R. E. Maynard

The Passion of an Active Voice



Passion is a double-edged sword, especially, for a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I write everyday from the heart. The contents of my thoughts are always sincere with enriching advice or a narrative common among thinkers. To appreciate a writer like me means that in some way possible, a person would need to accept my literary life as a means to expressing truths freely. Family members who care for me greatly, mostly have a problem with my writing about our history or present experiences, so why would a person who barely knows me find my writing genuine?


Being a good writer is never enough. I prove to be an outstanding human being constantly—kind by default. Many people try to take advantage or walk on me, because I do not have a super aggressive personality. Honestly, I am a laid-back type of individual with kindness, compassion, and good deeds on my agenda. Getting things accomplished correctly the first time is a passion that compels me as a professional. Once, I took a few assessments at my place of employment, I learned about my need to stay genuine in daily routines, but I needed to become more forthright towards people in my interactions – listen better and finding common ground. My education programmed me to write and speak English adeptly and unapologetically. 


Writing is a gift in my life. It enables me to freely express those things that feel trapped inside after a long day, or when an emotional experience weigh choice in my conscience. Critical thought has a sincere place in my life always, but this too can be a slippery slope when trying to relate to others comprehension of a topic. Remaining true to my efforts as an educated man, worthy of expressing or communicating effectively, while reaching out to people through well-developed contents is a life goal that I shall master. I hope to become more than a published writer, as I take on a career writing for the benefit of readers. My active voice speaks clearly and concise, but I need to speak to readers with a voice relatable and true to their needs. This understanding that I have gives me a far greater potential to find a balance between writing and communicating to diverse audiences seeking the amount of contents.

– R. E. Maynard 

A Healthy Life Prepared is a Culinary Plan Indeed



When I was a child, I watched as my grandmother and great grandmother made a lot of foods routinely. They baked a variety of cakes, cookies, and snack foods that were a huge part of our eating enjoyments as a family. Luckily, I had a youthful high metabolism and was a child able to burn off all those tasty sweets easily. I never really learned to bake. I guess that I was a child way too interested in eating the treats, rather than making or participating in the preparations of baking. Still, I learned to cook as a result of partaking in the routines of some pretty incredible cooks in my household.


Breakfast is a practical way to gain energy in the morning, as we awaken to some tasty ways to start out a successful day of achievements. What better achievement than to start your day with a healthy breakfast. I have always enjoyed making meals like french toast, pancakes, omelets of all sorts. Now that I am a little older, an adult meal for breakfast can give me the boost of energy that I need daily. I discovered new tasty ways to add value in my eating habits. Preparing a yogurt parfait can take some work, as you chop fruit into a bowl, and find interesting ways to delightfully add new ingredients to one’s culinary routine.


I cheat for the benefit of enjoying my meals, and I think that such practicality takes discipline to eat completely healthy on a regimented diet. I am a man who shall continue to explore the balance between good and not so great options during meals. Knowing that my grandparents did not adhere to too many healthy meals, I am a simple eater challenged to live a far better life balancing my indulgence for foods. My grandmother fried foods every night of the week, which unfortunately––we lost her at the early age of sixty-four years young. Using lard and breading for coating foods was a typical practice while preparing foods in our home. Even though, I loved helping my family prepare meals, I learned to cook some very risky meals. To relearn the art of cooking is a commitment to finding delicious meals, while using some alternatives that lend to the longevity of your life. 


I still enjoy a piece of cake every now and then, but I still do not know how to bake cakes, cookies, and other sweetened treats. I purchase my deserts from a grocery store, or accept a kind gesture from a friend who enjoys baking these types of goodies. I balance the art of preparing my meals fairly well, but these meals take a great deal of planning and dedication to living a long life of preparations.

– R. E. Maynard

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