• R. E. Maynard



How they began to fall upon her feet adoringly. She viewed them with a heart bled by this power proven by honest affections grown. This was a woman empowered by a heart gifted with generosity and kindness. A woman with such purposeful strength proved a courage to sacrifice her peace of mind for the benefit of healing a broken world.

With a single snap of her fingers, all those people burdened by anguish felt a weight lifted without another struggle to bear. People from near and far brought flowers to place upon the ground surrounding her space. The beautician of her soul shined brightly on a deserving world of people who needed such genuine kindness to see beyond distressed lives.

With another snap of her fingers, everyone stricken with sorrows found no reason for harboring such mournful memories. Renewed relationships became the proof of this extraordinary woman’s existence. The flock grew ever broader with admirations, as news of this woman found its way around the globe quickly.

Suddenly, as anxieties vanished from the overwhelmed people of the Earth and emotional wealth replaced any suffering. A world of togetherness became known as a cause for the greater good of a society fulfilled with compassions felt. Human beings knew that a power had overcome their souls rightfully.

The so-called healer sat rested in harmony within a mindful meditation to escape her burdens carried. More followers came to her calling with a sense of hope for change and better lives. She had never needed a single word to explain her power for bringing such magical moments into lives where hearts healed so abundantly.

Heartache that was a once horrible feeling felt through miseries, now disappeared from those people wielding broken hearts. Again, this amazing woman snapped her fingers and the human race rejoiced as new founded dreams befell and awoken humanity for all to witness such blessed rewards.

People started to trust in this trancelike feeling of happiness that she foretold of, but still curiosity compelled leaders to inquire about her gift with concern.

“How in the world do you make such miracles happen?” They asked.

She simply replied, “I use love.”

Amazed by her response, while her words suggested that love was this miracle healing agent. Many once believers of her power—now lost their newfound hope. They failed to understand how one person’s love could change so many disparaging lives cursed by emotional ailments.

She never snapped her fingers again for the benefit of humanity’s sake. A greater reality became known to people far and wide. Life resumed and some people chose to belief in the healing power of love and, even though others fought hard within themselves to resists such peace in hearts still burdened by emotional distress—love would eventually rule their hearts rightfully.

Again, leaders asked her, “Why won’t you snap your fingers to heal us all from such torments?”

She simply responded lovingly, “I only made you believe in love’s potentials, but you have owned such magic all along.”

— R. E. Maynard

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