• R. E. Maynard

A Blossoming Rose’s Pedals Grow Beautifully in the Light of Every Morrow’s New Sunrise

A Blossoming Rose’s Pedals Grow Beautifully in the Light of Every Morrow’s New Sunrise

The dawn of each Spring day brings about nightfall, her restful little bud awaits a new horizon to awaken a new sunrise, to begin anew, as the new day awakens a true reasoning for every growing season, so does the life of a gorgeous rose enlighten our appeal for blooming our best selves.

A fair lady’s heart grows fonder of a season’s heart of hearts, as her appearance gains a groundbreaking discovery, her limbs sprout the beginnings of a most purposeful affair with timeless beauty. She spreads her roots firmly into Mother Earth’s broad body, while she stands firm with the proof of her well-established life.

The pedals of a blossoming rose unfold her soul before the enlisting curiosities of a world most adorn, as she opens her brightened eyes upon a world of dreamers, a time for feeling worthy embraces the whistling winds blowing across her well-manicured bed—trimming her home with precision and care.

Welcoming the favor of long traveling sun rays from afar, as the warmth of this source of energy radiates happiness into her core, as she bask in the glorious days come and past, resting over her head—do days turn each morrow’s morning into a lifetime of caring. Raindrops quench her thirst, nurturing her stem to stand tall with pride, as she beautifies her surroundings with a duty for granting a greater regard for living. While busying bees buzz around pollinating a deserving world’s dying breathe, the proof of her contributions breath renewing energies onto a world of hopeful promises. Her now fallen pedals tell tales of her existence in our memories forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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