• R. E. Maynard

A Branch in the Tree of Life

A Branch in the Tree of Life

Born with only a consciousness for recognizing new life, we are aware of our destiny from our first known sight. We open our eyes to a world of wonderments grown through every imaginable dream known to mankind.

The human makeup of our outreaching limbs branch across a world where such ties to humanity bond lives with embracing qualities grown through love’s devotions to a human race. Blossoming the beautification of a diverse world meant to cast every color of the rainbow through a prism’s spectrum of celebrated glee.

Knowledge instills a wealth only known to the humble at heart, and our civilization brought together can resolve every expectation while embodying empathy as humanly a society may redeem. The veins that course our bodies are the Tree of Life, as each of our souls vibrate the energies of a planet alive with passions forever proving worthy of life’s most precious truths.

Together, we are the branches that fulfill our triumphs as human beings, as we root our existence into the landscape of history and far beyond even yesterday’s horizons.

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