• R. E. Maynard

A Career Writing Purposefully Leads Me Dutifully

A Career Writing Purposefully Leads Me Dutifully

Drawing came naturally during my childhood, as I was a boy who sat around doodling for enjoyment. As the adult version of my creative self, I sought a greater means to express artistically. I began my quest for new outlets with an Associate degree in Multimedia, which led me to many mediums of creativity using applications that came to me very naturally as well. I found an honesty resource that redirected my creative mentality during my years studying illustrative art techniques at San Francisco Academy of Arts University. A professor suggested that I try something different and possibly a field that I did not excel at naturally. In thinking about such a change challenged me greatly and trying a few ideas out led me to Wright State University. I enrolled in the Computer Engineering program with an expectation that my creativity would be a lending factor for just about any academia. I wrongly assumed so.

The writing expectations during my Associate years were at a lesser requirement, so I suddenly struggled to meet the writing demands of the courses’ taken at Wright State University. In a conversation with my professor in a Sociology course, I understood that his critique of my works needed more than just a tutor. It became a clear choice that a writing major served as the next step forward in my creative life. I enrolled in a Creative Writing & Literature program at Antioch University Midwest with little more than a will to complete whatever expectation to succeed. Over the years at this new institution that held a reputation for reinventing critical thinkers, as envisioned by the father of education and pioneer Horace Mann. I adapted with focused attention from dedicated professional teachers at Antioch University Midwest and began to flourish as a writer little by little.

Once the writing mechanics, grammar, and natural talents met for an expressive rally that spawned plenty of examples of my written examples, editing skills strengthened my ability to workshop with some generous mentors who actually have cared about me works. A confidence grew new expectations to write as a content creator in a professional capacity. Sure, I have a writer’s blog constructed of opinionated poems and prose, but I earned the right to write the truest form of literature––using an honest voice. Maybe my voice does not necessarily ring true to all reader’s sensibilities or interests, but I am a capable writer who deserves a chance to do great things with an organization seeking their identity through talented prose with a poetic flare. My works draw emotional responses from audiences in search of depth and range.

A lifetime of dutiful projects awaits my sincerity as a writer who can leave an impression upon readers. Please read my works with an open mind and know that no malicious intent leads my voice as a writer toward throwing about insults and offensive contents. I write about relevant topics that present our breadth for measuring hopeful notions and in invoking positive change in a world that I adore. Hire me to write and edit heartfelt creative contents for the purpose of a contextual relationship with those recipients who desire a meaningful experience using whatever medium. I aspire to publish over a lifetime, but my career aspirations are the proof of seven years honing a craft that represents me best as a creative type who can adapt well to the necessary positive changes needed to succeed.

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