• R. E. Maynard

A Conning Appeal Forges a Shameless Heart's Disguise

A Conning Appeal Forges a Shameless Heart's Disguise

A purposeful deed for living life dutifully moral seems to be a fair notion to ponder. The proof of a person’s heart lies in their choices to act well within the respects of those raptures stealing our safer satisfactions. Some people try so hard to reach superiority through weighing the hellbent indignities of the selfish at heart, while forging thievery’s dues upon those who wish to fight against such indecency. A moral compassion should levitate the higher ranks of people bound by those heightened expectations for living a moral life.

Even in living regretfully in the deliverance from a life of shameless deeds, does a conman’s resistance appear criminally insane, as no amount of ranting may persuade the mindset of the astute misbehaviors known to break hearts un-remorsefully. Even the best that our lives have to offer leaves no true gains for affording protections known as morality’s protective truths.

The confidence for choosing wisely in this life may very well seem redundant to a person’s willful needs, and such antidotes for attaining material things illegally hurt real people, unfortunately. In the actions for attuning to desirable wants, do the immoral decidedly result in forcefully assuring outcomes unpleasant steal both innocence and dignity from a society naïve enough to trust in wolves in sheep’s cloaking attire.

If immoral hearts seek the riches of a bounty true to treasures of disheartened disparages for robbing emotional wealth equaling the priceless bullions found reminiscent of deserted islands. The values of thieving hearts dishonest by nature, challenge the very integrity known to fashion a safer reality in our conscious realities.

Consequences for leading a life of purpose demand ownership of some uncomfortable actions against humanity’s peace of mind–leading to a humble life. A world of con artist determines the selfish benefits for detailing the chaos of a corrupt society.

A conning appeal forges shameless hearts upon the burdening judgements of a society worthy of returning forgiveness, and no disguise can overstate the compassion strengthening kinder hearts, while the goodness growths far beyond thieves’ indiscretions for owning their bad behaviors.

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