• R. E. Maynard

A Creative Evolution Speaks to Our Hearts

A Creative Evolution Speaks to Our Hearts

From the commencement of our subsistence as a species, whether carved in stone, or finished from bone, expressive behaviors entertain the transcendence of our visual presence as a humanity on Earth.

The birth of creativity spans the experiments of time, drawn on scrolls, sown on tapestries, painted with realism’s own or even large sculptures standing to amaze our imaginable dreams. The evidence of enlightenment fashions imagery foretelling ages only known to the artist who wield such a precious means to bestow.

Every expressive thought scribed within the poetic realms of truth and reality, shall our adornment to stories performing our interests for foretell of an existence even after such a physical journey perishes does art last far beyond time. Generations shall adorn the evolution of creativity and self-expressions known to capture our souls through developed eyes.

The delightful ties to reimagine nature, as depiction over our sincerest history of creations for mankind’s sake represent an evolution grown. Shall our hearts speak to one another’s appeal for the living life and every heartfelt reason for appreciating such individuality becomes the adorations of the masterpiece. Truly our lasting gifts to mindful communications speak to us widely without a single word necessary to describe, so does our hearts speak the language of creation's beliefs.

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