• R. E. Maynard

A Damnedest Crush

A Damnedest Crush

A first sting of Cupid’s arrow struck hard the very moment Gavin seen Chloe at the public pool. The slender teenage girl possessed long tone legs, a golden tan frame, and the face of an angelic smiler. Every boy in high school wanted to be Chloe’s boyfriend. Gavin spent his day wading around in the water near Chloe and her friends to stare without actually being noticed.

Chloe Warren would certainly not notice Gavin if he floated died face down in the water. Gavin was the president of the Science Club and his looks were not quite developed yet. Acne and immaturity plagued the teen boy, so in reality—no girls knew Gavin existed at all. Had Gavin spoken confidently to girls, surely his kindness would greatly be recognized by any decent person.

Chloe dated Brandon Fowler which successful participated as an athlete and popularity as a natural result of his personality. Chloe looked annoyed as if Brandon were the least favorite person at the poolside that July day. Brandon flared his arms around in the air as if he had no clue because his girlfriend might find him repulsive. Gavin seen Chloe point at the exit numerous times with a stern warning crossing her brow.

The teenager treaded toward the ladder to then climb out of the pool, as Gavin hurried to Chloe’s rescue. At this point Brandon grabbed up his girlfriend by the arm with a forceful tug. Gavin jumped into the middle of the domestic situation and Brandon easily pummeled the skinny teenage boy. Gavin laid out for only a matter of seconds before launching upward toward Brandon’s jaw.

Chloe quickly became defensive and turned Gavin toward her direction. She slapped the now smile off Gavin’s face and yelled, “Do not touch my boyfriend.” She then continued to go on the attack, as Brandon became too busy to react to Gavin’s attempt at being a hero. The two argued their way through the lawn and went to the snack bar. Chloe demanded Brandon buy her nachos with cheese and jalapeños.

Gavin stood crushed by the naïveté that left foolishness atop his saddened heart. The damnedest thing was this love he felt for Chloe still felt strong, but Gavin knew she had no interest in his efforts to be a better boyfriend than the likes of Brandon Fowler.

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