• R. E. Maynard

A Darkened Piece of Mind, Fulfilled a Murderous Tainted Heart

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

A dark heart danced with fear, as he traveled a soulless journey through some wayward midnight passage for pursuing pleasures ever desirable. He entered hell’s gate. A man’s menacing thoughts of love lacked the wonderments for such honest regards of proving compassion’s remorseful heart. Evil compelled him.

He fulfilled no purpose to understand how to maneuver a mentally confused maze of aggressions. Thoughts he owned inspired by this psychotic love affair with insanity. He forced her innocence to harbor shame with glorifying jealousy then turned hurt into hate.

A Darkened Piece of Mind, Fulfilled a Murderous Tainted Heart

Feeling awful lonely, his emotions reaped a lost soul, as his wicked heart never cried for an antidote. As sincerest visions of her loveliness faded into the blank stares of his monster‘s plot. He sought to own her kind heart, a charmed gent sweetened by a false reality. A crazed fool blinded by riddled eyes foreseen her unfortunate fate.

Tragedy detailed by tormented ideas warped into frustrations that disarrayed his belief of love, straight jacket buckled tight, as this broken man’s emotional distress compelled past memories of her once lived life. He adored her wholeheartedly, at some point in his wasted life.

Trapped in a State’s mental ward, he remained condemned with fright. He spent his days daydreaming of his adoring decomposed wife—as nights spent wide-awake haunted his imagination. He became a man envisioned by a once used bloody knife. A woman’s flesh became his demising thoughts daily. Heartfelt casualty lent to a soulful affair with his now tainted heart—no fresh starts awakened such an illness.

Flickering images of another man’s desires tortured his soul, forcing him to relive painful memories of her cheating actions against him. He took her last breath–slashing her revengefully in a rage. She suffered horribly, as time ran out. She escaped his jealous ways. A passion ever so sweet gifted his disillusions. He never meant to forsake her life. He stole her potential for happiness forevermore.

His once kept desires proved anger’s bitterness that tormented the torn pages of his nightmarish manifesto. Diagnosed by his state of madness, he had no choice but to act out harshly—at a point of no return. Her once lovingly honest affections are now only of his remorseful realities foretold by loving him fearfully–loyalty failed her miserably.

As painted anguish grayed out his cloudy patterned mind, and only the sight of his once reflective sun fulfilled days brightened by unimaginable waves of her blessed name. He repeatedly spoke of her without a care. Wickedly, his choice to act without haste stole her deserving soul. He vanished her wishful dreams. His once trusted heart defined her.

Regretfully, her redeeming quality was a moment too late. She passed through a vision of a rippled puddle, a reflection of a life no longer relevant to her own faithful history. He had not cried out, as he coldheartedly remained trapped in a murderous state. Lost in her transitioning heart to be a soul released, she mourned through a horrid reality. As he felt no lesson of forgiveness, angels wept her arrival to heaven’s gate.

Her ghostly corpse devoured his adoring love. His mind captured nights ravaged by intertwining sweat and tears joining their naked bodies for eternity. Her pale flesh, hardened, gave him an ability to feel once more. Hearing his own beating heart paced the ticking clock of his fate. He took his life with the same blade. If love were merciful, this history of lovers would be an absolute shame.

– R. E. Maynard

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