• R. E. Maynard

A Duty for Willful Change Begins in Me

A Duty for Willful Change Begins in Me

My dutiful heart strengthens a soul which wields a means to life, adept to an end endearing to morality’s favoring times, and what fashions these triumphs growing from the truer failures coursing inside of my mindfulness to care greatly.

The proof of ill-temperamental voices rant complacency’s foretelling injustices timely causing fearful ties within, rhetoric’s yielding indecencies politicizing beliefs through hatred’s ties to an imbecile’s lies. No war on humanity shall beget evil’s insistent blasphemy to demean a democracy born of moralistic-philosophical beliefs far greater than its nemesis dictatorship’s reigning indifferences.

The value of every human being defines life’s breathing vessels redeeming morality, as being human defines who might this be honestly—a democratic nature dissent to the voices of reason does a republic state for justice forbear thee. A justifiable cause for valuing humanity above all forms of the duopoly of two parties selfish in an equal majority. We the people of sound sensibilities shall rise.

I vow to be a moral compass to the conscience of this greater capacity, even as I forfeit my rights to wealth and prosperity. My heart adorns the goodwill of mankind over the political realities of a nationalistic society who looks nothing like me.

Change is a fight which begins in me, a simple voice of comparison favoring compassion, as I wield the soul of my default empathy.

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