• R. E. Maynard

A Fairest Amount of Friendly Concern Does Prove Deservingly

A Fairest Amount of Friendly Concern Does Prove Deservingly

A fairest regard for oneself leaves no doubt when weighing the purpose of an appreciation for befriending. As a loving regard stands the tests of time, so shall the expectations of a true supporter meet a greater willingness to succeed the depths of a person’s most purposeful heart.

The proof of a friendship anew brings tiding whimsies typical of a flirtatious affair, as the innocence of time fascinates one’s simplest curiosities, thus, as such a best regard appears to pass ever so quickly, and hearts in awe source the betterment of one another's thoughts regarding feelings felt—one’s decisions must show a respectful dependability to last a lifetime.

Loving people with willful honesty shares a most deserving truth, and as these bonds tighten every affair with the deeds of human nature, then so shall kinder sensibilities favor the bridging of hearts ever worthy, and such a meaningful relationship remains true to a sincere person’s quest for happiness.

A fairest amount of friendly concern does prove most deservingly, as sure as a love founded on trust defines the existence of someone who cares adoringly.

— R. E. Maynard

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