• R. E. Maynard

A Fallible Affair Curtails a Fallen Heart’s Desirable Deeds for Telling the Truth

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

And as I curtail my desire for your affections, so shall I lead my heart’s desires into a merrier vow for living a most purposeful life, and only then shall I most fortunately love you even without your presence near nor far. A favored desire for a fashionable affair of two worthy hearts—torturous to my brow ado, as no stern allure satisfies this sincere concern for regaining your confidence, especially—after such cruel efforts were maddening to imagine. Therefore, now as I go onto define the sounding sensible lessons of love’s faithfulness, thus, somehow safeguarding my maturity—love shall weigh upon my heart of hearts, undeniably. I love wholeheartedly, which now means a burden, I must forego. Again, and again, this heartache lashes my burdensome heart with a most dutiful punishment, as I carry a forthcoming will to inspire our happiness ever anew.

A Fallible Affair Curtails a Fallen Heart’s Desirable Deeds for Telling the Truth

O’ how the wonderment of your existence grants my expressive spirit a most truthful regard, as your honesty bleeds my heart of its harshest realities to ever bear. Falling into your once welcoming soul, I have now seen a beautiful world from a trance befallen upon me. Existent in a far greater place to bestow within your heart, I felt your love’s powers to care. My actions of late were lacking the betterment of good deeds—self judgement whittled away at my remorseful heart, as I pled for a new beginning with your affections ever true. Foretelling, as long as my breath is of this Earth—I shall have lived for thee adoringly. I must recourse to assume such a life can result in our friendship anew, how a fairer lady’s-tired sensibility for a committed relationship guarantees no peace of mind found in my reinvented advances so bluesy to heartstring orchestrated for my affections proved.

You have left me far beyond such graceful days, and now I realized such regretful actions seek forgiveness to lead me blessed in your light forevermore. Denying a soul worthy of a new beginning continues to torment my self-respect. My broken soul spoke ever wisely of the beautiful days once adorned, thus, now I can only hope to restore happiness in this sincere believer—within me. Rightfully, as owned for a far greater world of passions lent to every worthy emotion that I ever felt–unfortunately, I cried for thy heart’s desires once more. Willingly, have I disregarded the truths foretold in a foolish time remanded by respects for my self-love, which thus defined my wielding admirations for a past forsaken. Truly far too many years have passed us by willingly to accept such love can ever rise atop our hearts again.

I screamed aloud, “I love you, O’ dearest.” Still, I found only your absence to forego my curiosity.

A glimpse into a future dispelled our lives. New chances for this woeful distinction became ever more recognizably due within our possibilities shown, and this fear destined choices for a love meant to define our soul’s most deserving qualities. Leaving behind once remorseful sorrows, as our two hearts molded into one spanning eternity, as friends do. I shall love thee well within the best regards for our existent experiences knowingly gone afoul. Never forgetting the pain felt and caused, as you leave me interested and all alone, lost in such memories have taught this broken heart’s contemptuous will lessons learned. These are truly my most valued reasons to never forsake a blessing such as true love ever again.

Tears fall sweetly over a rippling pond of my despair—dedicated to a time preciously promised for rediscovering my happiness in a friendship such as ours’. As you prove ever worthy of casting your rightful cause for guarding against a love like mine, and I proved never sensitive to the determining fallacies of our love’s lost potentials. I should never have given up on a love like yours’, and this confession is my absolute truth to testify. As I seek a life of love ever more deservingly adorned within your satisfactions. I shall have prayed that these most honest words founded their rightful home inside of your heart’s purpose to love me forevermore. We have obviously outgrown and soul searched abundantly, as now we are a couple unable to rekindle what once was our lover’s truth.

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