• R. E. Maynard

A Farewell Due Burdens No Affair of an Honest Heart

Even a beauty ever so fine has limitations for accepting the weighing challenges of true love, a lady’s keen intuition learns to protect her own sensibilities for a wayward affair of coursing a lover’s heart.

A Farewell Due Burdens No Affair of an Honest Heart

A fair amount of time yields a good man’s duty for loving a lady owning such perfect imperfections, as every good man hopes to satisfy a heart ever reliant on his own dependability for toiling through heartache with dreams of treasuring love’s faithfulness.

In finding ways to cope with the attempts for coursing the complications of love's complications—a couple favors the teetering scales of justifying whether love hands down a fair verdict for living without fear of tearing broken hearts apart.

To guarantee that a heart values using the betterments of emotional wealth, costing those commonalities that meet the demand for two hearts worthy of happiness affords a life of emotions spent respectably—as a farewell due ado, assuredly, does prevent an eternity of regret from befalling hearts otherwise deserving of love’s blissful honesty.

— R. E. Maynard

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