• R. E. Maynard

A Favored Passion for Making True Love Burdens No Devoted Hearts

A Favored Passion for Making True Love Burdens No Devoted Hearts

Love is the fortune of sorting through our torturous affairs of the heart, as heartbeats energize those passions felt, and the actions of two lover’s create a most sincere affair indeed.

Beauty is her inflicted burden to bear, as every wayward man’s perverse soul desired her bare naked flesh, spirited, and as she entertained the curiosity of their intertwined bodies sprawled across the softened linings of her shapely curves—a most heated relationship sweetened the morning after such a night of lustful discoveries, and so had his loins ached for a lifetime awaiting the blissful discovery of her beautifully inspired soul—favored by a passion to be adorned.

Just a touch of her love defined his dedication to her honest heart, as she melted his admirations into a sincere heartfelt compassion for caring. Love bestowed his affections for her willingness to passionately succeed his advances, as he fashioned that sexually she was a goddess. He kindly pleasured her satisfactions abundantly within his adoring eyes.

A lady of adoring grace deserves the worship of a devoted spirit, as a man of stature gifts his admirations respectably. The proof of a blessed woman’s affairs of the heart, shall never burden her commitments for a life purposing love’s faithfulness.

He loved her wholeheartedly forevermore, and in his heart of hearts—she did shine adoringly.

— R. E. Maynard

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