• R. E. Maynard

A Fighting Spirit Forges Through Waves of Emotional Tides and Tribulations

Life truly can puzzle the mind’s understanding of complete happiness, emotions trickle down selves—torn to shreds from heartache. The soul seeks refuge in a safer place, known only to exist in a sincere regard for caring, self-love strengthens our willingness to adapt to pains known, as the heart proves love’s desires, some hearts find no mercy—waves drown our sorrows in the tribulations of emotional distress.

Damaging is the rightful surrender to a fearful heart broken, while each new day’s light is an answer for living with a heart worthy of owning all peaceful tides for serenity’s mournful promises. Forging a cast for a fighting spirit is no easy task, a life of dreams may still exist in every remorseful effort made, as the beauty of lessons learned, do carry a heart mended far beyond the regrets of yesterday’s existence, as a soul learns to survive in a deserving world of happiness, so does the battles lessen our willingness to give up our lives for mistakes made.

— R. E. Maynard

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