• R. E. Maynard

A Forgivable Heart Lives Well Beyond the Clouds

A Forgivable Heart Lives Well Beyond the Clouds

She awoke to screaming from the next room, and all she could think was how rude on his behalf. A wife of only a few years knew how to quickly to fathom her husband’s anger. Somedays her best recollection was that she felt like she lived with a stranger. She knew quite well when in danger but did nothing to rid her life of such regard.

The morning started out on the wrong foot, and breakfast could not arrive on the table fast enough. Even after some hurtful names flew into her gut with a stabbing pain, she prepared his meals with the upmost showing of love’s innocence. As he sat stone faced reading the newspaper, glancing over with dissatisfaction. She learned that love was sometimes hard.

Finally, he left for his workday. In an outburst, her tears fell into a puddle of regret. Collapsed onto the floor of the foyer, she then pulled out a pocket mirror and stared at the proof of his abusive ways. In a fit of overwhelming heartache, she vowed to never be a victim of his devilish ways again. She knew he was a product of sin.

Knowing her decision to leave him proved she had forgiven herself for accepting such foul feelings inside. The woman now lived up high well beyond once clouded judgements. A life anew served her well, as she kept forgiveness atop her heart always. Her conscience never stated into the face of fear again. Love benefited her days from the moment she stared into the face of a victim.

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