• R. E. Maynard

A Grain of Sand Found Lost in Time

A Grain of Sand Found Lost in Time

Obsession followed a shattered willfulness for coursing his ignorance seemingly displayed throughout his days. Such an understanding of his behaviors helped to tolerate a guilty affection for a fair lady’s unattended virtues. Barely an adult for the calendar portrayed, she appeared as a grown woman’s most experienced self falsely. He knew no difference between her age and such a fashioned affair with her destined fate.

A mindful regard for proving worthy of her honest sympathies forced an unfortunate chaos, which now resembled some implication that he secretly adorned her physical being. Her radiant light glowed from afar with fashionable appeal, so did she understand that a beauty such as her likeness burdened suitors greatly with unattainable expectations.

Curves imperfectly slender met all the right areas where her figure lines portrayed a sex appeal unintentionally, which then captured the man's attention most memorably. He followed her everyday through movements invisibly unknown to a life without imposing her curiosity. He became her shadow in the light of day and at nightfall did dreams lustfully keep him fonder.

No greater perfections defined simple imagery as her beauty felt heightened by a lovely confidence forged by an age of innocence. He watched in hidden agendas about town, scorned envious of her laughter bellowed into the air where sunlit rays carried her tune, and on those days when she cried out in denial of any suffering that may have ever befallen such a young woman’s struggled life–an aching grew too much for them to bear.

Many years had gone by without any passions felt in his discoursed vanities for attracting woman’s respects. He wandered the streets of the city despaired without a single joyful tendency after parading thoughts of her around in his desires so wickedly. He visualized her flesh with a detail that not even she could have imagined true to a life lived rightfully.

A heartbroken stated the obvious depressive absence in his blank stare, as far too many days left him lonely into nights where anger awakened a numb sense of purpose. A weary heart grew frighteningly intent and his demeanors afoul with worry. No one suspicious detected any protective measures guaranteeing her a means to an end.

Even his best qualities failed to reinvent a man anew in painted corners, nonexistent he rose to her occasions. Truly he was a man who did not stand out amongst a common crowd of citizens. The dreaded reputation built about a most busying and eventful town left him uninvited to the swanker events, as these were the affairs known to arouse people’s notions for owning far greater acceptability. Fashioned with a hope still that he had finally met a stature of gross respectabilities in society's blinded eyes, thus he imagined that by gaining her trust one day soon–he too would be viewed with a normalized consideration.

She was an absolute doll, a milky skin shined adorably, as she made a life with the definition of an adulterous aged female with youthful attractiveness. Men in swarms raged in flocked masses to fight the pavement of city streets for her honor. Foolishly, gained by no grounded affairs with strangers, she forbade no honorable self-mention to any suitors' sorted thinking. Surly, her only duty was a selfish deed loyal to heartache, once spilt upon a soul that had a history run over with no self-satisfactions.

A horrid story foretold in his mind, regurgitated a life of this awkward man who took his heart and tossed it about toiled in efforts made, through misery and discontent he suffered into a life of no happiness. Ever since the loss of his confidence defeated any recovery from lessons learned—no love met a demise as his tortured soul darkened in misconceptions. Where love lied to a lack of compassion, his own wellbeing grew emotionally ill.

He paid in blood money for a loaned departure to escape from his life grown afoul. As a child, a little boy felt ever adorned by loving parents who spoiled the child without a rod to spare, wrongfully so. He felt no obligation to remain in a life that offered him nothing more than unreachable feats for owning even the simplest of love's regards. A group of mobsters sought to handle his debt with the treatments typical of such deceitful behaviors.

In a trip to find leisured accommodation, the two lives suddenly came to discover a minus of the man's dying breath. Bludgeoned in a roadside barroom brawl, and left life gutted with his loins cut up through his abdominal with a most forced punishment. A life worthy of living never founded his past, present, nor was there a future stolen by regrets unattainable now. A man murdered for passions ever confused and, his mindset once torn him apart, as a soul unwilling to sacrifice fear for triumphs costed him a life worth more than he would ever known.

In her sense of recognition, she felt this man had crossed her pathway, as a glimpse of his frozen expression casted a memory of this world where they must have existed in days of late. Thus, now her recollection of this stranger started to foretell many moments where he had become another grain of sand lost in time. Somehow, she pondered that she had seen his face lit with her laughter and drawn to a frown in each tear shed.

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