• R. E. Maynard

A Grandiose Pretentiousness Fails to Lesson Achievements Well

A Grandiose Pretentiousness Fails to Lesson Achievements Well

The difference between my ego and those egocentric attitudes feeding a willfulness for founding foes in the workplace, no grandiose perceptions lead my abilities for granting team members access to my empathic heart. I connect my kind disposition to the heightened consciousness for serving people’s sensitivities and learning capacities. Serving a learners’ greater achievements through self-discoveries builds on confidence and awareness. As an empath suited for delving into a team’s negativities reacts positively by way of caring for the wellbeing of life––not just an employee. Honesty speaks well of a team member led to course one’s individuality.

A true leader capable of differentiating their sense of self purpose identifies those needs for soul searching into the developmental phases of self-worth. A compassionate team member will always advise peers against the destructive nature of falling prey to insecurities. A great leader acts humbled in the spirit of a team’s emotional wealth, while never ignoring the truer cost of an individual’s personhood, as his or her characteristics define access to growth potentials. Leadership must balance a team’s trusted beliefs without adopting to characteristics known for disabling an organization’s best potentials for rising above failures. Even one domineering personality can act as the reasoning for adopting lesser perceptions as careless behaviors cast negativity on otherwise adequate learners.

A team becomes subject to the repetitions disregarded as unimportant clues for lessoning losses in staffing and as successes continue create a struggling culture––employees leave in pursuit of positive change. I witnessed these behaviors and have advised against trusting in the negative practicality of a failure’s quandary. Together, as honesty expands the mentalities of a team’s willful atmosphere, so shall a leader spawn a pledge for molding fellow leaders without some grandiose pretentiousness interfering in a better way of lessoning a team’s wellness. Each mindset lending to the leading qualities for shaping a peers’ attitude gains new awareness for leading confident egos well-suited with plans for organizational change.

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