• R. E. Maynard

A Healthy Serving of Humble Pie

Healthy Serving of Humble Pie

In these years of my middle-aged discoveries known to my arthritic knees and present in new dietary restrictions as precautionary tactics go. A healthy lifestyle can feel most challenging to those of us ingrained in poorer choices, as a history with cupcakes and pasta dishes of all sorts have delighted our tastebuds throughout an adolescence most agreeably. The basis for eating and nourishing my psyche needed new directives for enlightening those aches and pains grown from an aging maturity with chosen menu items most dependably. Those days of chomping down on chili dogs, hamburgers, and pizzas have become my portioned seasoned vegetables served with a modest side of protein. Suddenly, the very tastebuds reliant on fructose sugars and gluten delights abated my natural order for intaking the best life has to offer.

Every youthful antics adapted to naturally sculpted tones unique to adolescence, now workout routines favor a body energized for my daily rituals as an adult with lessor a metabolism. I lift weight and walk thousands of miles to keep the embodiments of health and wellness upon me, as even a frequent visit to a doctor might concur my ever-aging process destined for a history passed by so quickly. I work tirelessly to count the calories and restrict the carbs while avoiding the unnatural snacks at all costs. One single donut discouraged a whole day’s efforts to recover my decreasing waste-line. I choose wisely knowing such a delightful rewarded possesses of sinful sensation rules over my willful deeds to a health life.

I partake in each serving of humble pie with a silver-lined knife and tray providing me a sense of security as a human being who enjoys the finer means. Maybe days where I fail to meet the demands of a physical specimen always portraying a sensible appetite, while making bad choices brings awareness to the life that I must lead humbly. At any age during my life of unknown discoveries awaits whatever disease, my enabling of an ever-evolving lifetime of practical choices courageously befits my care. I have a greater means for surviving a life of benefits to this psyche well appreciated than to disregard any ability to choose wrongfully. I shall live wholehearted in a fated existence unruled by death, while I shall not allow cupcakes to be the death of my mindful being.

Eat well, love in abundance, and live purposefully over the life we all deserve naturally.

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