• R. E. Maynard

A Heartache’s Tragic Affair with Forgiveness–Forged a Willful Heart

I forged a heart willfully grown, as I founded a kinder regard for offering peace most deservingly. A cause for recourse forced these tainted emotions aside rightfully, as the libeling decree of a victimhood wrote a dedication in my blood spilt, which undeniably foretold no regretful promises for my naïveté’s known to family ties.

A Heartache’s Tragic Affair with Forgiveness–Forged a Willful Heart

A fearful soul wavered all satisfactions for trusting in forgiveness’s rules of engagements for people willingly afoul. My lack of care birthed a victim mentality which lasted far too long. A life of despair cursed a heart torn by those destructive measures that had hoped to disable a life’s most purposeful rights for breathing in love’s regarded truths. A good amount of time eventually lessoned a grown man’s thoughts to trust in a better way for lessening the burdens of a mother’s revengeful actions.

I paid an ounce of heartache for the price of escaping the abusive satisfactions of an otherwise human being–suffering from burdens of their own consternation. A childhood horribly scared a soul lost in translation, as disloyalty weighed a damaged psyche for bearing love’s true tragedies. My abusive situations were of no choice of my own. I only sought the peaceful confines of a loving home, as I trusted in the blessed affairs of a careless retreat from such scornful realities. Prideful attraction for mimicking poor behaviors left abandonment atop my tortured mind. I repeated my influential behaviors stuck in rewind.

No worries could ever drag me down spiraling uncontrollably into the depths of warranted despair. As assuredly have a confident heart ruled the awakening of my morrow’s beginning anew, as my understanding of child abuses once scorned had bruised this alluring satisfaction for living a life unworthy of happiness. In my heart of hearts did I repeatedly detail the actions that damaged a soul most worthy of self-respect.

An affair with heartache tortured my soul, until I founded a place in this world inspired by a dreamer’s most suitable reasoning for demanding a life worth living. The now foreseen light captured the demand for self-love, which lit a heart worthy of self-worth, and such a regard for living resolved hurtful memories of yesteryear. A world of blessings gained the betterment of a heart willfully grown through a love like mine.

The mere remembrance of a heart abandon founded a life of hopeful promises, and I challenged the very idea of abuse’s power, as I had awaited my heart’s due.

— R. E. Maynard

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