• R. E. Maynard

A Hero's Tale

A Hero's Tale

In the dawn of another stressful day, a young woman awoke to a fresh pair of scrubs. Tired eyed with wiped away sleep, she looked into the bathroom mirror at the bags formed under her lovely eyes. Broadening her sights on a brightened perception about saving lives, she stood and spoke to herself eagerly, “Time to go give the love away.”

Confidence was a commonly known attitude that teetered on the outcomes of her patients at the local hospital downtown. It was a normal day to moan and groan around with a frown whenever possible. The morning light broke through a crack in her blinds. This awakening felt welcome for the first time in a long while, ever since the effects of Covid-19 on society. A nice ripe grapefruit and a slice of toast energized her enough to venture out the door. Off to start her travels to the one place that keep her psyche well above normal most days.

Tabitha had graduated the top her class and new her calling far before she would earn her cap. Lately the life of an RN felt like a dreadful burden, as death condemned too many lives daily for her to enjoy her chosen profession. No amount of simple humor found its way into the ward where she cared for many ill-stricken people. She left home on this day carrying a special cause for wearing her heart upon a sleeve–through yet another day of heartache. One aching perspective forged into another long day repeating itself in a most horrific. The team of medical professionals kept their way as caregivers in Ward-19.

The sun shined extra bright in every direction she maneuvered her automobile. Staying cautious to the highway and inner city traffic left her in a daze. When she arrived at the hospital, she pulled into a spot close to the employee entrance, which was an odd occurrence. Odd that she worked mornings and usually arrived right on time but never as early as some of the other staff members. Walking into the hallways felt truly hazy, while she hurried toward the breakroom to punch the time clock before a second passed her appointed time. It appeared to her that clouds had settled into the walls and floors of the facility, and she became uneasy with fear.

Bodies lying under sheets rose to the air and floated amongst the heavy lights. Time from her wristwatch ran faster and faster into a loss of awareness. The people scurried about with warped faces, mumbling the chants of a foreign tongue, unlike any other language she had heard before. Tabitha knew that somehow she must been dreaming of such a wayward day of fantasy and fright. Surely, if the night captured her imagination so, then this dreamlike state resemblance of Hell on Earth was simply a nightmare to bear.

She stood in the center of four hallways, busying herself with chatter all around the ward -- louder and louder, the voices silenced her screams. The dead walked about the floor plan with no true path for finding a way out from her sight. Haunting images of breathless zombies took to her mind’s eye to a darkened state. She knew no other way but to run helplessly through her life’s occupation now, and the hospital became a maze of disillusionment. The doctors approached her with syringes filled with poisons and taunted her with thoughts of committing suicide. Although, she had a faith to never commit to such hellish damnation over what cursed her presence while lost on what she had hoped was Mother Earth. A soul made of goodness reflected her well, as her spirit defined her willful heart.

Suddenly, she slammed her eyelids closed with a passion for meditating like most days after work. Intent on reaching the Lord’s prayers, she yelled out, “God give me the power to see my way clear of this trickery, as this is the work of a devilish fool. He is up to no good and looking to tempt my temptations, and I know the acts of such foolery. God take my soul as your proof to forbid this conman’s reign here on Earth.”

She opened her eyes to a bright blue sky. Nothing else obstructed her sight from the Heavens above. She spoke to a figure softly, she said, “I love that you gifted me with compassion for life. Oh, God! I am the proof of your existence.”

Doubt escaped her soul's devotions, and she courageously stood her ground.

The blurred vision appeared less as a God in her sights now. A car window smashed from impact took over her recollection. A realization that she had awakened to an accident and must have passed out. The man sought to save her from a certain fate of bleeding out. The car was a tangled mess that appeared unrecognizable to the rescuers who fought to remove her body from the wreckage. She kept asking if they had seen Him… God? She proclaimed that he had lifted her from a time where a pandemic forced her to trust in her heart’s truest desire. She promised that love was the cure to this illness described as humanity’s worse nightmare. Now more than every she vowed aloud to all who would listen, she stated repeatedly, “I am a nurse.”

The words replied appreciatively assured her, as they stated proudly, “You are a hero and more than a nurse right now.”

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