• R. E. Maynard

A Hike from Anywhere

A Hike from Anywhere

Morning’s new arrival awakes the potentials for a day of hiking. Skies fill the Springtime’s brisk air with chirping birds and whistling winds calling out for the curiosities of those adventurous moments to share. No amount of preparations can slow the determination of a free-spirited affair with Mother Nature.

Finally, dutiful feet hit the trials with eager emotions for what truly matters most, as nature’s beauty is a most beautiful host to forever cherish. Rock filled paths lead people’s racing hearts through shaded valleys of incredible sights. Newly bloomed life becomes apparent to the delight of a recognized hiker’s love for the outdoors. As sunrays warm the depths of an adventurous soul, as hours fade into nightfall—it is sadly time to go.

Driving away from a day purposely lost in the woods, knowing that more opportunities shall lead to a lifetime of nature’s gifts to an encouraged peace of mind. Be sure to rest up for ever morrow’s morning light, while any day you awaken to your first known breath, trust that a day of hiking will benefit all the rest.

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