• R. E. Maynard

A Jester’s Tale for Wielding a Heart Worthy of Love

A Jester’s Tale for Wielding a Heart Worthy of Love

You rule my heart with a reigning sense for satisfactions met, while your presence lifts my loyalty to a devotion that heightens caring for you ever true. I only wish to know your sense for feeling loved beyond compare.

I wish to serve your sense of belonging to this world, comforting every notion bestowed, and upon your lifestyle I admire you so. My sense of duty fulfills a greater reality for meeting your expectations at will. I am such a man who knows my place in this world, a fool––I may be without regret.

My sense of humor shall tickle your fancying for appreciating laughter, and happiness instills this promise that I lend to your heart’s desires. My wit acts as seedlings for growing a world around your fonder notions with every word spoken true. I wish to love you—where a sense of my presence feels rightfully known.

Allow me to create a sense of protection around your foundation for living well, as I shall rise to every moment for delivering a peaceful sense of security within your soul. Allow my light to cast a safe haven upon our fearful battles won. Together, we shall rise to our purpose to wield hearts like courageous steeds of war, and accept our destinies armed with hope like braver souls do willfully.

I am merely but a Jester living well to walk in your shadow my dearest queen of queens, so shall a sense of belonging in your life feel inspiringly adorned. I trust in this heart lasting far beyond my insecurities once endeavored. A lifetime lost in dreamless states of disillusionment have no bearing on me now, so see the difference I portray gratefully.

Knowing I have a sense of belonging to your court of champions, a fool prepared to do all that I can to keep your psyche safe from a life worthy of mistakes lessened rightfully. Please understand that I am nowhere close to owning a perfect sense of companionship, but I shall speak honestly with a reason for gaining your respects. Love is our greatest emotion spent, as the heart you possess makes me feel like the richest fool in all of the lands.

If this written confession tells the tales of a foolish jester who lives with a sense of truths be known, then maybe I can forever fall humbly with your mindful acceptance of my actions to express such sentiments honestly––thus, my heart shall be a bearer of feelings appreciated forevermore.

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