• R. E. Maynard

A King's Tribute to Honor Thy Templar's Throne

A King's Tribute to Honor Thy Templar's Throne

Beware a fair amount of protection guarding a man lavished in royal jewels who shall sit atop a favored throne. A courageous king wielded actions warranting the duties of a Knight Templar brave with the heartbroken over love. An inner battle forged a champion with courage for weighing any dueling fate over his adversaries.

A raging heartbeat strong to the core with determination coursed a relationship willfully emboldened in a fair lady beautiful by her nature. As a prideful innocence left a king lost in a darkened soul with blood spilled across numb sensibilities to ever care for a maiden again. He fell to a lesser sense feeling lost in his saddened mischiefs like a princess from foreign soils rewarded his satisfactions with flesh and companionship.

An angry brow lessoned the king over brutality while continually he wrote a history foretelling no compassion for taking lives. Even as a child born of a kingly state, a princely figurehead wielded a weapon of ill-contempt in hands gripped with fearless measures. Sin broadened his thirst for the bloodshed hosting an embattled throne as pale moonlit nights raised his eyes to a deity blessed with forgiveness.

Bedding the fairest lady from any land caressed lustful ties seducing his attraction, a king took his queen by the hand. He lifted his queen to the highest rule and her dress with a passion for thrusting over her orgasms. Heirs with rightful betrayals over his inheritance divided greed amongst many scoundrel biddings riches. The king took her as his complimentary wife, as she had lessoned his willingness to serve the needs of his lover peace of mind.

A friendship ever wicked with truthful lies laid lustfully next to his virtuous mindset through the bleeding heart of a selfish king in a ruling peril. Motherhood birthed a child carrying out a legacy for maintaining the life of a mere squire adorned in wealth ruling over poverty. A king wedded a queen as his love awaited a life taken refuge in her loin. The soul of a warrior rested his trusted fulfillment for living in this fairytale life to stories foretelling the honor and devotion of a king bearing the heart of a dragon.

Beastly had the king slain his court for judging hastily the desires of a mere man toiled in the rule he garnered. A fiery soul dealt his murderous plots handed down to the slain soldiers haunting a king with conquered nations bowing at his feet. Defeat felt gravitated by the ill-temperament of a child spoiled in the enrichment of tragedy and a kingdom ruled by such cruel intentions to overthrow humanity.

Losing a world of material possessions had no weighted cost to measure his heart through efforts while loving his queen. Gifting her a world of hopeful promises meant a lady's requests found her delightful means to his end. A king vowed a tribute to honor thy templar throne and, a kingdom ruled by the sanctity of human qualities cherished a king's sympathy and hierarchy. Beloved by his commoners, his monarchy depicted a history regal in a rare breed, as a king best fought for the protection of his sacred heart.

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