• R. E. Maynard

A king’s Tribute to Honor Thy Templar’s Thrown

A king’s Tribute to Honor Thy Templar’s Thrown

Beware a fair amount of protection guarding a caring man’s royal thrown, as his courageous actions warrant the duties of a Templar’s heart, and an inner battle forges a champion’s courage for weighing a dueling fate.

A raging heartbeat strong to the core with determination—courses a healthy relationship with himself ever boldly. As a prideful innocence left his darken soul once blood spilt across numb sensibilities, and he befell a lesser sense of feeling lost in his own saddening mischiefs.

An angry brow lessoning brutality continually wrote his history, foretelling no compassion for taking a single life, as he wielded a weapon of ill-contempt in hands gripped with fearless measures. Sin broaden his thirst for bloodshed, as pale moonlit nights raise his eyes to a deity’s forgiveness.

In bedding a fairest maiden’s lustful caresses, he lifted her dress with a thrusting passion to bear his heirs. He took her as a complimentary wife, as she lessons his will to serve the needs of a lover’s peace of mind, a friendship ever true, and a motherhood for achieving future rule.

A king wedded a queen as the love of his awaiting life, and the soul of a warrior’s restful fulfillment fairytale a story foretelling honor and thy devotion to a worthy heart.

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