• R. E. Maynard

A Love for the Ages Redeems a Heart Bound for Eternity’s Rule

Remarkable what a life can be, obviously complicated—a life of dreams shall be a breathing inspiration more purposeful than kinder hearts are indeed—look inside you and found in me.

Forever younger than the days of old, a heart may ponder unimaginable things to remember, as a soul worthy of hope grows ever more passionately keen to the potentials for loving forevermore.

A lifetime of fonder thoughts reminds us of life’s simple beauties—as a portal into the unknown unlocks the adoring eyes for witnessing our most affectionate dreams, I look deep within your awaiting heart.

A Love for the Ages Redeems a Heart Bound for Eternity’s Rule

Look to a willful heart’s confidence in finding the safest place for a burdensome heart to ever call home, as a committed promise shall never leave thee alone nevermore—as I harbor your beautiful heart in the palm of a hand full of blissful desires–lasting a lifetime and beyond.

Sharing in bitter sweetened hearts that measure the depths of curiosity’s mere chance, as a soul loves far beyond the darkness of heartache’s burdening rules for change for the aware.

Love has the power to bring a broken heart far from the depths of a living Hell, as a Heavenly peace redeems the mournful promises of compassion’s forgiveness.

As our time together, bound by our lustful deeds, do lover’s passions lend to the betterment of a lasting friendship for the ages. We learn to love undeniably for an eternity.

— R. E. Maynard

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