• R. E. Maynard

A Mind-map for Loving in a Multiverse of Oneself

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

A Mind-map for Loving in a Multiverse of Oneself

I exist in the confines of a life worthy of my most thoughtful dreams, but no one life of my own. I live in the comforts of a perfect home—confidently, do I live willingly imperfect for consideration of my perfect expectations to succeed. I protect a soul worthy–much like mine, a darkened and lit reflection of this world resembles me reflectively, as I appreciate mere life, itself.

My chest is a grander place to be a man forever grown—kindly, are the proof of my seams sown, tightly, with care am I tied to being me, protectively. A heart like mine feels known to be ever fonder of a life pondered, do I leave these words atop my mind daily, humbly, “I love me.”

Heartache may consume me—here, I see only me in a multitude of mirrors, as happiness can lift me up—there. Caring is truly not here nor there, as I choose when my heart desires to care. I do hope you will always be here and there by my side. I trust it is a place that you can reside—peacefully, in love with all of me. Trust, I shall care–indeed.

In each dimension, a flip book of emotions remains felt, ever portrayed and dealt, do you find the best of me. I am a destiny of personalities known, one in the same, as each representation of my likeness proves a far better me—most certainly, I am defining this life of mine.

I will a life of greater expectations, as every single me ultimately leaves the world where I exists, remembered by my memories made. I leave a history for living a life that defines my soul, undeniably. I follow those thoughts for loving myself—whoever I am, in whatever multiverse in time. I exists in moments, and in rhythms, do I flourish—where I matter most. Most deservingly, I love me wholeheartedly.

Follow a mind-map for loving in a multiverse of oneself.

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