• R. E. Maynard

A Mindful Recourse Forges a Kinder Regard for a Healthy Life

A Mindful Recourse Forges a Kinder Regard for a Healthy Life

Trust in a future where a lifetime of caring displays your courage—love reigns ever true, as you remain willing to choose living trough those efforts for healthier choices made.

Believe in a reality based on your best self, fulfilling your destiny as a purposeful being, and as you become your own advocate for positive change—fear not a life inspired by self-love’s recourse.

Visualize a pathway of rightful steppingstones leading to a far better life, far greater than a lifetime of poorer choices can expel oneself from lessor opportunities, as you dedicate yourself to the betterment of your psyche. Wellness must remain a greater concern for challenging each new day’s accomplishments, building on healthier choices each step of the way.

A willingness for happiness must meet the demand for a mindful regard for loving life define our best self, defining our respects for each breath afforded, as living a long life of healthy alternatives becomes the reward of every morrow’s new beginning.

Live well and enjoy living your best life.

— R. E. Maynard

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