• R. E. Maynard

A Mindful World of Unimaginable Discoveries

Seek happiness and journey onward with the confidence to love life and live love.

Peeked into my-own dimensional shape of existence, a place whereby life reflected purpose in a mere blink of nevermore.

A spirit once broken became a torch lighting the way to a newly forged strength, as every memory built a staircase to heaven’s gate.

Fulfilled in a puddle of sweat and tears, a heart worthy of volume filled a bucket list, and choices led to the possibilities of latter days’ peace.

A better way forward held together tightly sown seams, as the seamstress of fortunes foretold spoke ill of troubled times for the walking dead.

Open-minded memories of the unknown captured naïveté’s mind’s eyes, now casted in realities foreseen through rose colored lens.

A human puzzle scattered about a wayward universe, warped in confusion’s best possibilities for triumphs celebrated, as one’s choices remained hellbent on the scheme of things.

Trapped nevertheless in this maze of misdirection, as love for a life drawn in themed picture books colored within the lines of hope, brought about curiosity enabling the trickery of understanding one’s time and space.

Forged in an apology exposed in truth, efforts sighted in what matters most, a brave heart cared less about who payed attention to such newly resembled dreams.

Forgiveness compelled a worthy cause, as a soul determined wrote an end to a greater means, a soulful song sang truer stories in rhythm to a heartbeat.

Spirit rose from ghostly images of failure’s past, as a successor’s wholehearted journey through confidence depicted a champion’s life after death.

A new beginning of ownership soon portrayed each breath before a jury of self-love, respect, self-worth, and a vision of heartfelt gratitude welled of hopeful regards that changed the course of a deserving soul.

Being human meant battled-scars led to an x-marked treasured chest, a heart steadied through the darkened waves of dysfunction, a brighter light — now lit with newfound aspirations for freedoms rich with emotional wealth.

Passion awoke a peaceful mourning into a mindful world of unimaginable discoveries — happiness forevermore became mindful of greater expectations.

New days defined by lasting memories kept a pathway to a history of life’s challenges, so told the victor.

— R. Everett Maynard

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