• R. E. Maynard

A Morrow’s Past

A Morrow’s Past

I grew up with a mindful conscience for knowing right from wrong, as morality led me up and down some intense emotions to bear such battlegrounds.

Knowing the difference between my actions and influences kept me humble, while the heavier situations lessoning my life well which took a many stumble.

Trusting that my mistakes were the best of opportunities to help myself grow, truly I need challenges to stay stronger than every expectation known for surviving my adolescence.

I sought a few years to climb out of the steep hole that burdened me most, wallowing in a messy place that trapped my sense of soul-searching my perfect host.

Not until I lifted my pride and vanished it to the darken days of heartfelt regrets, did I learn to appreciate those choices proving best to a soul like mine.

Nowadays, I live well beyond every single morrow’s aching past, as every new day provides me with my devotions to always outlast the fate of yesteryears passed.

Even if I fail to succeed my life’s potentials, still my failures define a life worthy of living triumphantly—a human being willing to lead my way through future’s past.

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