• R. E. Maynard

A Priceless Soul Fulfilled in Emotional Wealth Costed a Fortunate Life

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

A true sense of life burned deep within my once darkened soul, as the flickers of candle lit passage forged my discovered treasures enriched in self-love’s kindest regards, as I remained with a less stricken fiery toll upon a storied life.

I paid the ultimate price for weighing the scales of justifications scotched in the dawn of every morrow’s awakening. Ensured by my history’s completed goals risen ado to a struggled means, as the emotions of every failure spilt humbled upon battled grounds forever forgiven for my understanding of humanity’s rule.

I costed the pricelessness of a soul worthy of life’s most purposeful dreams, well adept into the depths of all the forsaken hype, but still I felt fortunate to dispel a heart’s distrust, and the powers of emotional wealth enriched my sense of belonging to a life of good influences and beliefs to bear fruit.

A fulfilled life of valued experiences costed little to portray my successes, as the truth about living well afforded a dreamer the perfect visions to appear ever true, even as every dream waged and paid out in rewarded redemptions satisfactory over time’s remembrance of such a flawed life.

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