• R. E. Maynard

A Rave of Adoring Respects Builds Our Most Meaningful Depths

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A Rave of Adoring Respects Builds Our Most Meaningful Depths

If we were to paint a mural of humanity’s beautiful face amongst the stars, as the colors of our broader spectrum humanizes various shades of respects bright for all to see.

Disloyalties cost us truth in waging decency’s betrayal, while the colors of a rainbow run deep together as one love embodies us all through emotional tides.

Hear the winds of anger scream aloud enraged with the voices torn by a nation divided–under the arrested developments of a single allure—freedom must reign free.

A nation bled through a means of belonging to a most deserving host that feels like home, lends compassion through the betterment of a conscious society willfully–we grow now undeniably.

We forge justice above the hellbent ideologies of any foolishness displayed, where greedy intentions attune human conditioning to teach hate so easily.

An adoring kinship bound a motherhood of moral choices to nurture emotional wealth amongst family ties, as our hearts bond us into a meaningful existence as a species always humanly possible-brother and sister–strangers in light of our differences that are the same.

Arising above the wickedness of war-torn tapestries, our very understanding of peace lives within the courage to discourse judgements ruled upon an innocence of a nation’s prideful dues.

Savagery depicts draperies blinding legal hypocrisies that foretell of senseless violence, and proven time and time again, as the strong will of a people determined supersedes the anguish of a hater nation.

Even though a human race must ponder beliefs that divide a peaceful indifference with the ignorant pleasures sewn in the fabric of a melting pot.

A forever devoted spirit attempts to escape classicism and forgives the favors of a politically charged hypocrisy, which defines the standards met and unmet in our political arena from the farthest reaches of our failing democracy.

A raving satisfaction for the adepts of adoring respects build a foundation for weighing changes–comparing lavish dreams or realized in nightmarish realities awakening the poor citizenship where nickels and dimes cost our self-worth.

We are a priceless seed.

As an empire anew constructs purpose atop mindful causes, preached atop mountaintops with a following to the benefits of our masses.

The brave actions of each person who decides to stand firm and fortify the basis for growing a greater capacity in lessoning life’s truest identities–as a human race, we do see.

Harboring relationships with mankind’s fears forces bravery to stand side by side our hearts desires.

We fight with pride but not to boast in lowering of moral fortitude to triumph over evil.

A mindful sincerity defines our society’s violence grown in discontent, as the proof of ignorance separates morality’s own definitions written in stone.

Be willing, let us find a new country of our very own.

Absent of hatred, we shall relish in a dream foretold by a TRUE KING.

A world of hatred fades into the depths of a healing nation’s broken soul.

Powers from within thy pander’s soulful tides, outlast the trickery of every conman’s campaign to force death with his sickle sharpened blade.

The congressional authorizing deeds for dangling freedom’s calling out over lopsided perceptions, delineate our truthful regards for a free state of affairs assembling hope.

Every propagandist forfeit integrity’s dealings for the sales of injustice, and after failing their own rallying cry do these failing principles appear a farce to our greater sensibilities, dismantling democracy for the less fortunate of whoever’s evils bestows a corruption most obvious to the blessed shall be.

Who shall care for the vociferous majority now?

I shall!

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