• R. E. Maynard

A Recipe for Sweet Dreams

You are as sweet as mousse cream, as you are the confectioner of my awesome dreams, and your passionate core is the proof of my heart’s desires.

O' how your lovely skin soft and smooth like fondant, as your lips must taste like a freshly whipped layer of buttercream.

I hope to softly caress the curves of your creamy soft face, as I run my hand gently down your delicious lines, and if I follow your piping to intertwine our bodies with great care, it will truly be the fault of irresistible appeal.

Mere thoughts of your beauty warms my heart to the perfect temperature.

As I am sure that we will bake some passions from deep within our fiery souls, as my crush remains full of substance and leaves me wondering what shall be.

Together, our efforts will combine honesty and all that is good from our lives to blend a delectable threat.

The sound of your lovely voice rings softly in my awaiting ears, and I do hope to be a good listener, as you tell me all those great ingredients that make you smile.

Our potentials for happiness depend on our abilities to follow a truer direction, as our hearts and lives become the perfect recipe for sweeter dreams.

- R.E. Maynard

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