• R. E. Maynard

A Refashioning of a Curious Heart Spills Over with Renewed Love

A Refashioning of a Curious Heart Spills Over with Renewed Love

A life of grief defined her dealings with falling in love, sure as she gave her whole heart undeniably. The proof of years dedicated her efforts for a man absent at best, while denying such truths crushed her spirit.

She willfully sat alone with no one home to express a single concern for her broken heart. She felt the weight of the world throbbing inside her most reliable chest, even though love had never came easy for a soul worthy of caring for her known desires. An honest heart kept him in the category of a liar, as she equipped her soul rightfully.

In realizing she deserved better, her heart willingly grew far beyond the days of waiting around for affections to spare. She dolled up beautifully for a night out on the town, and in finding the admirations of a single man with a passion for foretell love’s faithful swoons, she knew this was a man who would win her worthy heart.

A confidence refashioned her curiosity enough to lead a life worthy of a second chance. The two searching souls found one another’s lips in their very first dance, as he twirled her around the moonlit skies for a kiss, passionately he pursued her into desire’s most heartfelt reasoning for love, as a feeling of hopeful promise kept his charm alluring her heart interested in stumbling hard.

— R. E. Maynard

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