• R. E. Maynard

A Sacrificial Heartbeat Bled Willfully for a Sinner’s Rightful Due

Life is a reflection of our precious discoveries, and even lesser known eyes have definitely failed to see life’s truest relevancies, as a heartbeat learns to live with one’s soulful purpose for offering love wholeheartedly.

God gave us all hearts courageously adept at wielding passions ever true, rightfully so, our faithful hearts have a capacity to prove how thou shall love most deservingly––loving souls anew. We naively leave a burdensome stain upon broken hearts, as judgments cast down our sins equally afoul. Prideful choices cause bleeding hearts to sacrifice a world of greater expectations, as love shall never escape a soul discerning the poorer influences of a human race.

A Sacrificial Heartbeat Bled Willfully for a Sinner’s Rightful Due

A portion of our society remains sold on portraying soulless shells lessening humanity’s rightful due. Some souls grow darkened over adapting to the fooleries of a wicked world, and even if a single heart willfully knows no fear for living immorally, such a deceptive world demonizes thoughts that plague thee most undeniably. Even a noble man may find deceitful desires for torturing the son of God, which must have felt powerfully a rule, as a mere mortal must humble a heart worthy of His blessed salvation.

The power of a soul faithful to God’s most loving qualities inspires a world of hopeful philosophers, so does a soul believer bring the light of every mournful heart to experience a far better life. Morality becomes the balancing act of a festering infection grown from the ill-conceived notions of wicked heart’s scorched by the flames from Hell’s fury, or instilling grace through the servitude of a worshiper willing to spread the type of forgiveness that ends in a acceptance for a sacrifice worthy of our sinful hearts.

The sacrifice of this innocent heart tainted a world revengeful with wrathful vengeance, while a pandering of death still soils the depths of a society always feasting on a spiteful hatred as a means to an end. A human race becomes defined by a populous of either remorseless sinners or for the glory of a neighbor’s devotions, as perfect imperfections remain ever molded after the lord’s likeness, but only the faithful at heart shall sit by His throne in Heaven’s paradise.

We the loyal to God’s forgiveness shall pray for the redemptions for all mankind, as even the worst of lives lived deserve His love after all has come to a meaningful end.

– R. E. Maynard

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