• R. E. Maynard

A Serendipitous Discovery Favors a Forever Heart's Home

A Serendipitous Discovery Favors a Forever Heart's Home

In a glimpse of magic did you appear to my once scornfully envisioned eyes, as a passionate feeling of discovery favored this time for change.

Heartache raged inside a heart broken too many times with the proof of a willingness to favor this forever heart's home to delve into and rightfully so.

It remains the serendipity of true love that reaches into our soul with curiosity and grace. Our hearts mend all the indifferences with love’s coursing ties to dissatisfactions and the emotional tides fulfilling a distinct satisfaction.

Trust in the future of a life adorned with the affairs of any heart grown beyond despair, while fearfully—we can only imagine an oasis in the lostness-ness of a far reaching desert discovered in the depths of a heart burned out over unfaithfulness.

Let love be your whimsical dream come true—as you stumble across a heart redefined with romance's tales of truths foretold. A forever heart worthy of happiness found in every reasoning to believe that there is a person imperfectly suitable for us all–-exist out amongst the unknowingness of a world of possibilities anew.

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