• R. E. Maynard

A Sorrowful Farewell

A Sorrowful Farewell

Judge not the choices weighed on the scales for justice when love is involved, as minds toiled in a love affair torture a heart to evolve through valued choices for moving onward.

A history tells of make-believe fairytales made through captured memories picture perfect in light of every emotional demise felt.

The best of a relationship served one’s internal lies to become known, as couples force emotions deeper within their tortured souls to exist ultimately without another devotions.

The broken heart speaks wisely for the sake of one’s sanity. A risk for offering love fails to recognize a lover’s truer awareness for passions dealt upon a heart devoted.

Love blinds the best of friendships reborn into mishaps deafened by heartfelt reasoning, as fearful truths somehow resembled the proof of heartache’s undeniable hurtful to the more sensitive types. Every acceptance for wielding a lesser divulgence with a lover’s serendipity damaged a voice of such reason, but so does an honest heart find the love of a lifetime most earnestly.

Every trail leads judgements for lessoning love’s peace of mind, as the courage hidden deep within a brave soul’s forged discoveries remain unknown to such lesser blessings. Maybe once the separation of two hearts become a notion realized, does a human understand how it feels to be a person truly missed become expressively a dare.

Every tribulation weighed heavily on the peacefulness of a soul’s willingness to move forward alone, leave decisions most importantly feeling ever felt by someone who deserve to know love’s commitment.

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