• R. E. Maynard

A Soulful Dance of Two Lovers Last a Lifetime

A Soulful Dance of Two Lovers Last a Lifetime

A soul welcoming is a portal to love’s adoring history, while a lifetime of appreciation weighs the scales for faithfulness’ successes and failures alike. The eternal dance of two lover's souls intertwine ever so gracefully.

As a man falls in love with the idea of his affectionate dreams, and he stumbles humbly into a beautiful life. Living with her by his side–depicts a life better than a love may ever seem.

A grand proposal ends in a perfect wife, a loyalty brands his heart on fire for her absolute care. A lady’s passions spark this faithful man’s most honest desires, as the very touch of her flesh sends shivers through to his delightful core.

In feeling her everything—he learns to admire the beauty of caring for another. She bear his children, as she proves an incredible mother. Love instills a wealth emotionally due in their lasting memories, as their fate inspires a soulful destiny to foretell a lover’s tale indeed. Of a life of love, so rare to a life foreseen, did he discover her most truthful means forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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