• R. E. Maynard

A Thoughtful Destiny Speaks Wisely of My Abilities to Express Connectively

A Thoughtful Destiny Speaks Wisely of My Abilities to Express Connectively

Like or dislike my written works––I speak from the heart of every matter of due facts. My opinion matters least and the sincerity to stand for something dutiful means everything. Value connections me to a world of indifferences which suites me justifiably.

Time affords my professional self-being through those influences diversely wise and mentoring a life of sincere dreams. My journey tells of a beginning raised with a desperate need of influential people who act diversely enough to course my confidence as a professional person who achieves wisely. Honesty roots every lesson with a true pursuit for garnering integrity over any other quality in my life of receptive tutelage. I forever carry the advice from those humans who earned the respect of a learner barely getting by without a better means.

My greatest influence was the validation of a work ethic that continually serves me well. The relationship with my best friend and longtime (ex)girlfriend led to the type of encouraged honesty for opening my eyes to a greater intellect living inside of this quick-witted learner (me). I thoroughly enjoy reading but have allows used the practicality of commonsense over a long life of punching timeclocks to survive. Manual laborious jobs served me as a physically capable guy with the tenacity to show up and take risks as a worker who could help out. I triumphed in every role ever held due to the amount of heart that I put forward as a committed employee.

Professors still invite me to partake in intelligible outings where dinners serve as means to further relate as critical thinkers outside of our professional realms. I am a truly fortunate thinker who found blessings in a very diversely group of scholarly and kind academics who adopted my ambitions and dreams. The time invested in my educational growth affords me a humble spirit and enables me to pay forward with the equal tutelage while mentoring aspiring writers in my community. To publish my works and aspire to reach limitless goals within a literary career worthy of the many efforts made daily is an imaginable theme foretelling feats achieved within academia and thereafter. I will continually learn new knowledge and be a practical resource in the life suiting my thoughtful destiny and can only hope to encourage people to invest in me both financially and trustily.

The network of professionals who make up my supportive cast come from this fearless global connection that I represent as a writer or creative person in general. I know people who have these reputable lives regarded as the upper shelve of creators and thinkers. My average intelligence is a resourceful tool for creating but only due to the influences heightening an intellect deserving of such representation. Talent has always benefited my creative spirit as an artist, but I trust that my connections with such amazing professionals comes from a willingness to work tirelessly proving a devotion wholeheartedly. My opinion means very little to such a broad world of fellow thinkers, but my willingness to listen to people and care strengthens a suited posture for carrying ambitious career goals to achieve what I seek.

Wisely, I do not take myself too seriously, but I do remain innately sincere pursuing a career as a writer who can reach people with emotional depth. Readers or even average communicators want suggestive reasoning to creatively tickle their fancy and I agree with the idea that words connect us to live our best lives.

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