• R. E. Maynard

A Tortures Vanity's Affair with Egomania

A Tortures Vanity's Affair with Egomania

Times fail to change the way people force their natural beliefs onto a society of differences, as foretold by the damnations of a wayward understanding of love. Blood, sweat, and tears bond our wounds in justifying the existence of the ignorant coalition of soulless wrong-doers existent in an affair with hatred.

A turbulent world of despair rages in the humbler hearts brave with determinations to sacrifice no humankind’s freedoms, and not even the likes of a person willfully acceptant to such crimes against humanity shall reign in such tormenting realities. Many Americans remain in the good fight on battlefields reaped in hatred and fueled by a minority of white picket fences, even though the righteousness of a moral society triumphs over the ill temperaments of a corrupt emotional capacity for weighing spiritual servitudes over demonizing duels.

The American Dream now causes a rip in the fabric of our nation’s beating hearts, while the disdain in a society lacking fairness remains unequally afoul with the hopelessness for protecting civil rights’ dualities. A truer people’s knowledge of morality rises above the ill-judgements of a clandestine disgrace in filthy hoods clocking indecencies, shown through the cowering of hidden faces. A coward’s enraged faceless identity invisible in a realm of self-conscienceless beliefs and whose actions carry no trusting glories. A moral integrity has long lost its way for failures failing factionalism in policies grown adept in violence, thus acting out while voicing a haters’ distrust of humanity’s weighted appeal scaling justice for the righteous.

Leading far too many lives into the darkened depths of racist ideologies without due cause, as good people subject to unintellectual ignorance fear the loss of oneself in a greater divide. The uglier semantics defacing lessons angered by ignorance, force a public enemy to revolt, as evil taught through the disillusionments to metal minds inherit stupidity through generation after generation. Burdening a society hellbent on raising awareness for humanity’s resistance to any false leadership intact, upon the arrival of false prophet’s portraying a puppetry in the eyes of following wolves—dressed in a sheep’s wool foretelling lies and deceptions too willingly.

A torturous vanity's affair with egomania haunts the innocence of a moral society, as the betterment of our souls lend to the preaching hierocracies of spirituality. A culture of moronic antics shouts voiceless redeeming no inner workings to trustworthiness, and compassion shall be a ruling satisfaction in its cause overruling the evils conducive to damned fools’ tactics for pointless warfare.

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