• R. E. Maynard

A Valued Heart Affords Love’s Emotional Wealth

A Valued Heart Affords Love’s Emotional Wealth

The cost of love is an expensive commodity to value, as a heart committed counts on being able to afford the values of a healthy relationship ever true. Heartache’s suffering devalues the cost of our happiness forevermore, or true love reigns free in hearts that adore all that remains precious in hearts due.

When the proof of two hearts connect, so does respect bring forth another level of caring, and a passion for planting compassion’s sincerest seed grows love anew. In trusting in a person’s willingness to care wholeheartedly, do hearts grow ever fonder, as a lover’s hopeful promises prove love shall always be owed respectfully through and through. In seeking a gem priceless to mankind, a soulful person searches inside a heart wielding love's most adventurous journey.

Hearts are the perfect place to ponder an understanding for feelings felt, while a person who feels admired—owns enough self-worth to treasure even love’s most regretful tragedies. A heartbroken is a model for mending a soul’s rightful place for time in motion, and an inner strength builds within a person's peace of mind, as one's own forgiveness lends to a life worthy of living.

A great deal of efforts take love to heights known by the courageous at heart, as the fearful at heart forsake love’s most triumphant qualities, and desires grown through souls forever brave. A relationship reliant on hearts willfully grown–succeed love’s true abilities for experiencing passions known. A trust in love’s commits shares in the values that afford us all love’s emotional wealth, as we become priceless in hearts deservingly.

— R. E. Maynard

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