• R. E. Maynard

A Walk Amongst the Wildflowers

I lost myself in the midst of wildflowers, as a hiked in nature’s perfection, as a glimpse of peace atop a concrete perception led my life’s wayward expectations to wield a gleeful voice screaming to an incredible sun

A Walk Amongst the Wildflowers

Black-eyed Susan’s ever sunlike line the trails like fence post, and the California Poppy burst orange pedaled arrays through sun beams ever so brightly colorful. A calmness moves over me most willfully.

The beaded path led to a wonderland of pure delight atop a broadened mind, as Plains Coreopsis fill the landscape with bushes of flowery blooms, and the air fills with pollination of August’s favorable heatwaves.

A walk amongst the wildflowers that paint imagery within my sights, reminiscent of a passion to portray, while each step forward lends to the betterment and psyche fulfilled.

R. E. Maynard

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