• R. E. Maynard

A Writer’s Dream

A Writer’s Dream

Being a reader, a youth who enjoyed reading, I valued an engaging text that connected my emotions to some cause and effect. I needed great stories where some resolution led me as a reader to a conclusion necessary to learn lessons about life experiences.

Unfortunately, as an adult who worked tirelessly for stability, I lost the art of reading fluency. Sentences lost meaning, components forgotten, and I felt illiterate. The pauses faded and every word ran together in my every attempt to comprehend the context of a story.

The writer in me rebirths an avid reader. Literature fulfills my adoring heart. I learn to reconnect my emotions to the protagonist and the setting in which life happens. I become the storyteller, poet, and I am now foreseen as respectable writer. My mentors are true professionals with successes that inspire new writers to work hard for great literature. I have a dream well on its way for successes.

My published works are truly the beginning efforts of a life worthy for more personal and professional growths. I see my efforts producing a life of literary dreams, as my influence adds value to the readers of the world.

– R. E. Maynard

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