• R. E. Maynard

A Writer’s Lesson

Knowing how the writer in me curiously seeks truths in a world spun on some strange beliefs, occurrences, and likelihoods. I find myself adorning a life of fictional bliss founded by our realities as diverse human beings.

A Writer’s Lesson

People representing our most interesting world make the best characters in fiction. I have always studied people’s innate mannerisms and imperfect flaws to then heighten my written characterizations in storytelling. Imagination is the igniting fuel for creating realms of possibilities within my truest understanding of a world that depicts both failures and triumphs as plotted materials. I continue to grow as a wordsmith thoroughly attentive to utilizing word choices that help to flow the readability of my creative works.

I must confess that being an avid reader leads me to acquire my own voice as an aspiring writer. Writing feels less than ordinary as my passions help readers absorb in information attuned to our realities. The efforts that I give daily leave me constantly challenging the creation of my crafted contents. Finding a flare for writing poetically, adept in prose as individual narrative stems from a heartfelt presentation flowing together my thoughts.

I typically find an audience at their level of consumption and seek an emotional commitment. Think about constructing content suites me as an innovative creator of communications. Dabbling in many crafts heartily creates many reasons to express freely a life of my own instinctual duty compels me ambitiously. My topics range from a body of works that I feel incredible proud of without the need to defend such depth that remain (dis)agreeably incorrigible. I just write what feels right.

Writing with a purpose enables me in finding those truths that rely independently on a trusted indifference of opinions, as I do target a response most assuredly. We must always speak to our hearts rather then minds. If fiction represents my foundation for creating relative environments where characters live, then living in such imaginative realms feels ever true to my influences. I live through the very characterization and even in secondary players do my plots invoke emotional responses in readers. Finding common ground with people who find themselves in my stories enlightens me tremendously with feelings gracious as relationships anew gift the world going forward due to my desire to hone a literary life as a writer.

Learning to write is my life mission and evolving feels excitingly true.

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