• R. E. Maynard

Adventurously Seeking a Most Treasured Heart of Hearts

Adventurously Seeking a Most Treasured Heart of Hearts

In beginning this new adventure to found a destination anew, this journey begins with a commitment start for a life worthy of my efforts made. I trust that I have founded my glorious “X” marks the spot––deep inside your adventurous soul, I found a treasured chest.

In searching for that mysterious “X” marks the spot, I have journeyed courageously with love atop on my most curious mind. As the very thought of our hearts discover a world fulfilling a most treasurable affair, knowingly remaining ever more reflective of me being myself confidently, as such possibilities for loving you cause me to trust that together—we are a most treasured affair of these heart of hearts. We shall eventually learn well to cherish moments forever shared through those adventures experienced together.

I must believe that our destiny shall inspire our heart to fulfill love’s most bountiful gifts, as we commit to adventurously discover our awakened soul’s wholehearted efforts, enriching our existence forevermore, so shall our happiness define a relationship worthy of treasuring life’s truest blessings, as a believer in such a journey bestows a willingness to dream of such a path taken. We have chosen a sole path that leads us through far greater regards for living abundantly, therefore, I am grateful for the devotions ever more spiritual-worthy of my passionate heart, as I hope for a chance to experience our passions to inspire a lifetime of treasured memories.

In finding a special treasure defining an adventurer’s greatest destiny, I know to protect that which I have found inside your adoring soul, as a still a beating heart has awakened my curiosities for your affections. Unlocking a most treasured chest, as you treasure me, and as I forever treasure your beautiful life––I stay readied to explore the depths of your most desirable sensibilities, as I treasure a life of emotional wealth––founded within.

— R. E. Maynard

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