• R. E. Maynard

America’s Forging Liberties Lend to a Moral Society Founded by a Freedom to Dream

America’s Forging Liberties Lend to a Moral Society Founded by a Freedom to Dream

History foretells many tales about the fortitudes of our freedom’s afforded as Americans. Growing up in the land of the free affords us birthrights for living well through our efforts for American Dreams. Our forefathers were the proof of historical memories transcending through every generation to come. As the defending qualities that define independence lend well to a world of hopeful promises for peace of mind.

The theme of passing down a moral society through entrepreneurial prosperity has always been programmed in our destinies to succeed beyond the lesser expectations of foreign lands. Courage stands as our nation’s youthful innocence grows the fearless spirits to win wars near and afar. America the beautiful courses our appreciations forever built on the prideful glories for battles fought, as brave sons and daughters protect the very fabric that sews together the wholesomeness of our family values spent.

Leadership founded by fonder truths for a nation worthy of guiding us to protect the spiritual voices preaching most sensible reasoning. The idea of white picket fences once stood for the boundaries of our safest places—places we call home. The future has a greater purpose for living life free to be whatever, whoever, or however an end lends to a far greater means. In God we trust, as our melting pot bonds our lives together wholeheartedly. As we continue to forge our liberties for a moral society founded by freedoms to dream.

— R. E. Maynard

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