• R. E. Maynard

America United—Rhetorically Speaking

America United—Rhetorically Speaking

Rhetorically speaking with compassion redressed atop a conscience undivided, by way of humanity’s astounding principles uniting us under love’s potentials, shall history teach us all the truths bounding time for necessary change.

A lot of people fill ousted from enduring insults of other’s perceptions of realities born of such discontent with a governance spilt by broken aisle, while adopting to the ideals of any political society that must grow humbly by hard willed opposition’s now willing to succeed in achieving nonpartisan integrity over the toiling disappointments of a partisan divide.

Call me dumb, ignorant, or foolish to assuming peace riddles my heart for fashioning a different tale foretelling of a democracy, utopian ideals meant to surpass the failing promises of politicians who damn every demanding relationship worthy of leading citizens Americanized by the democratic republic. We all may not agree in what freedoms remain attainable beyond damaging our rights for respecting one another––do we have a chance to stand as one nation under law.

Allow love, respect, and honesty to achieve our prosperity as a purposeful nation who understands our duties to one another’s hearts differing with individuality.

God Bless, America! I love you all––whoever you are respectfully speaking.

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