• R. E. Maynard

An Emotional Awareness of the Sixth Degree

An Emotional Awareness of the Sixth Degree

Essentially speaking about my sixth sense as an empathic human, a lot of emotionally led circumstances leave doubt that such emotional awareness warrants communicating such predictabilities in human behaviors. I exist attuned to the emotional nature of people’s lives in their worst predicaments. I am the axis for the truthful dichotomy between right and wrong. Feeling the silent voices of people’s inner selves can lead to an infringement on one’s privacy, so a willingness to discuss any preexistent emotional aptitude while feeling damned for carrying such conflictive emotions unwillingly serves fear’s presence. I fought a soulful journey as a child fraught with this determined tenacity for hiding my emotional state in socially driven scenarios where I easily fell prey to vulnerabilities common of an empath.

The child carrying the world upon unable shoulders fell prey to my own destructive behaviors and of those leaving an impressionable child naively curious. Inheriting the dysfunctional qualities for eradicating compassion as a means to self-love and ill equipping my presence in emotionally charged environments contributions to fear and victimhood. Learning about my mystic self-enabled presence placed powerfully forward-feeling emotions adept with a consciousness for wielding an empathic heart. No greater personhood had the depths for caring about a world continually weighting down my conscience with emotions that felt too apprehensive with fallacies known to disable positivity. I remained negative about most things responsibly adept to acting mature with emotional intelligence.

Love eventually bridged a curious nature for looking to the heart of people’s problems and being capable of assisting with solutions. I grew best capable of acting as healing agents, but only after I healed my infectious qualities for absorbing negativities. I may have become subject to exhibiting a know-it-all attitude incapable of reaching a person’s sensitive nature for not allowing anyone to delve deep into their personal space. I soon found my passage to find those commonalities enriching the very sense of trust between two souls in search of a common theme. An emotional realm of fearful discoveries can become the harshest realities known to destroy a personal quest for seeking recovery. I struggled through my life to strengthen a posture for carrying the world on able-bodied shoulders.

Learning to wield sincerity as a virtuous means for finding common ground lessened an able mindset relating to my compassionate interests as this vessel for caring morally. I knew instantly right from wrong and had no reason to use such power against another human. My life acts as a portal to self-exploration, judgment free, and with little expectations for forcing my will upon anyone. We must fate change where necessary and without the contributions of another human’s emotionally suitable mantras––internalizing thought capable of disrupting one’s inner self-fortressing as fearless adversaries for incorporating real change.

I fear not the challenges of a life worthy living and shall help pick up the pieces for anyone sincere about enabled change.

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